J-Lo's New Single “Fresh Out the Oven” Is Half-Baked

File this single in the annals of J-Lo mistakes along with Gigli

It's not as bad as "Gigli" -- but it comes close.

Jennifer Lopez released her new single "Fresh Out of the Oven" and it's likely going to be filed under "guilty downloads" on everyone's iTunes playlists. But the song itself -- despite having a solid beat -- falls flat.

The single features J-Lo's alter-ego, Lola, in a trite back-and-forth with rapper Pitbull that involves the songstress playing coy and the rap artist sporadically blurting out adjectives describing Lopez's sexually desirable traits.

If it sounds like every other female artist comeback single on the radio right now, that's because it is. Only a bit cornier because of the cheesy lyrics and the fact that Lopez is not a 20-something bimbo but a 40-year-old woman who has held the title of diva in the past. 

Some of the worst passages in the single include a bridge where J-Lo tries to rap a la Andy Sandberg in "Saturday Night Life":

"If you want the cookie, you're going to have to wait for the cookie," Lopez raps, "no touchy only looky looky."

Even when Lopez is singing, her voice sounds heavily electronic, ensuring we never get a chance hear anything that might betray some natural talent.

The single, which can be heard here, has been released exclusively on People.com in anticipation of her new album "Love?" set to be released early next year, but the song will not be featured on the new album.

And according to People, we won't have to bear the company of her alter personality, Lola, on the new album, either. Let's just file this single in the annals of J-Lo mistakes along with Gigli, and hope that her new album will give something a little more and allow Lopez to showcase the aptitude of a more seasoned artist. 

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