How the “Splice” Creature Lost Her Hair

The genetic mutation at the center of the science-fiction thriller "Splice" is a beautiful, often menacing, bald creature named Dren.

But director Vincenz Natali originally had plans to give the creature hair. He admits that his decision to go bald and beautiful was affected by financial reasons around the special effects needed to bring the mutant to life onscreen.

"Hair is very expensive in the digital world, and it's very complicated," Natali tells Popcorn Biz. "To properly track Dren's face we really needed a bald head."

"But you often find the economic choices end up being the best creative choices."

He was helped by French actress Delphine Chaneac who plays Dren (with visual help from special effects).  "Delphine has such a beautiful head. She's so gorgeous bald," says Natali. "Why hide it?" It's a hard fact to argue with.

Chaneac says she relished the opportunity to go bald for the part. "My only demand was that I do it myself," she says. "I went to this hairdresser on the mall in Toronto where we were shooting, grabbed the little machine and cut it across my head for fun."

She ended up rocking the look. "They bought me a wig, but I didn't want to wear it. I was bald." Though she did wear the occasional hat to protect herself from the Toronto cold.

The only downside, her five o'clock head shadow. "I have very dark hair," says Chaneac. "So I was shaving every day to keep away the dark shadows."

"And that's hard on the skin, you need a nice shaver," she adds. "But now I'm better than the guys. I'm really fast."

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