Grace Kelly Film to Focus on Her Heroic Efforts to Protect Monaco's Tax-Haven Status

With the global economy still trying to regain its footing, and people all across the land protesting Wall Street, we can't think of a better time to release a film about one brave woman and her successful fight to maintain her homeland's standing at one of the world's great tax shelters.

Pierre-Ange Le Pogam has bought the rights to "Grace of Monaco," a script by Arash Amel, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The film focuses on the actress/princess' behind-the-scenes efforts to make peace 1962 between France and Monaco when the two were in a heated fight over the principality's tax-exempt status.

The film is reportedly being compared to "The King's Speech" in scope and tone, but that sounds preposterous. One is a film about a man overcoming a humiliating disability to lead his nation at the dawn of World War II, the other is the story of a woman born into privilege who became a Hollywood star and then a princess who used her station in life to make sure rich people could live in a place where they would pay no taxes. This is not to say that "Grace of Monaco" isn't a fascinating tale, but c'mon...

Now the obvious question is, who do you get to plat Grace Kelly? Streep's too old, Michelle Williams just did Marilyn Monroe... How's about Charlize Theron? Don't even mention January Jones, who doesn't have the range to star in "The January Jones Story."

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