Flying Drill Bit Smashes Through Window of Upper East Side Gym, Injures Woman

A woman working at a gym in Manhattan's Upper East Side was injured by shattered glass when a drill bit from a nearby construction site flew through the window Wednesday morning, authorities say. 

The woman was on the fourth floor of Asphalt Green on York Avenue when the drill bit smashed through the window, spraying glass on her. She told NBC 4 New York the drill bit came from the East 91st Street Marine Transfer Station construction site. 

She was taken to the hospital with cuts, and construction was stopped for the day. A spokesman for the city's Department of Design and Construction said safety personnel were investigating. 

Residents have for years protested construction of the garbage transfer station, which is set to open in 2016. The staton is supposed to cut the amount of garbage hauled from Manhattan to other boroughs for disposal. 
Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney said in a statement  "the drill bit could just as easily have caused greater damage within the facility or flown onto an Asphalt Green field filled with children at play. This ill-conceived project should not be taking chances with our safety."
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