“Conan” Writers Working Their Magic on “Dr. Strange”

News that "Dr. Strange" has writers gives some credence to recent reports that Marvel will be making a push to get its second-tier characters to the big screen.

Thomas Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer, the guys who co-wrote the script for the upcoming "Conan" (which dropped its first photo earlier today), have been hired to script the long-gestating "Dr. Strange" movie, according to Deadline.

Perhaps no Marvel character could benefit more from the silver-screen treatment then Dr. Strange. A master of the mystical arts who is constantly waging battle with the likes of the ruler of the "Dark Dimension" and Tibetan sorcerers, the world of Dr. Strange brought to life on film with today's special-effects and 3D technology could be a mind-bendingly awesome experience.

Strange has a great origin story, not all that dissimilar to the one Chris Nolan crafted for Batman in "Batman Begins." Stephen Strange was an arrogant world-renowned surgeon who lost his manual dexterity after a terrible car accident. He begins a global trek for a cure, only to find himself in the presence of The Ancient One, a 500-year-old mystic living in the Himalayas, who eventually teaches him everything he knows.

But there are nagging questions about the viability of such a project. Can Marvel can sell Dr. Strange to a wider audience? And can they bring such a universe to life on a $20 - $40 million budget that they're supposedly planning for their minor franchises?

We're rooting hard for Dr. Strange.

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