Donald Trump

‘Bernie Mafia' Looks to Take Democrats Beyond 2016

"This is the political revolution. It's here."

Hillary Clinton may be fading from public view, but Bernie Sanders is staying firmly in the spotlight, and the progressive organizations and operatives who rallied around his presidential campaign feel like they are finally a force in the Democratic Party, NBC News reports.

Sanders is now in the Democratic leadership in the Senate, while one of his allies is a front-runner to be the next chairman of the Democratic Party. The Vermont senator is also on a book tour, and everyone seems to want his opinion on the election, in part because he beat Clinton in many of the key Midwestern counties she lost to Donald Trump.

Meanwhile, the digital firm that helped Sanders raise more than $200 million in small donations is reaching out to out-of-work Clinton staffers, and his network of progressive activists is gearing up to resist Trump's policies.

"This is the political revolution. It's here," said Winnie Wong, an Occupy Wall Street activist who started the group People for Bernie. "What we know is that the Bernie Mafia feels confident and united."

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