Behold The Power Of The Skyscraper Game Show

I don’t know about you, but I’m sick and tired off all these game shows that take place on the ground.

Oh sure, anyone can win money while sitting around ON A SET. But come on. It’s 2010, people. It’s time to ramp up the stakes on these game shows. And if we can’t make “The Running Man” or “Climbing For Dollars” a reality, then we need to do the next most dangerous thing: Putting our game shows ON TOP OF BUILDINGS!

That’s right! The folks at ABC have seen the light, and decided to greenlight “Downfall,” a new game that will be played atop a skyscraper. BAM! FEEL THE RUSH! It’s like a regular game show, but with HEIGHT.

The Hollywood Reporter has the premise:

In "Downfall," players answer trivia questions on top of a skyscraper in a major metropolitan city for $1 million in cash and prizes.

If they lose, the contestants risk seeing their winnings go off the side of the building. The players might also take a controlled plunge, though that part is still being worked out.

"'Downfall' is a new, hybrid, high-stakes field game show where fearless contestants have to fight and focus hard to keep their winnings from falling off the side of a building," executive producer Scott St. John said.

OH SNAP! Not the controlled plunge! That’s too much adrenaline for me to handle! The idea that one of these contestants could potentially be slowly lowered in some kind of harness down the building is too much for me to take! It’s all the excitement of the chase scene in “Adventures in Babysitting,” only with money involved!

This could potentially change game shows forever. No one’s gonna stand for plain old “Jeopardy!” when they can feel the noize of watching people answer questions on a building. It’s even more thrilling than watching the “Don’t Cry” video.

Know what’s more challenging than phrasing your answer in the form of question, Trebek? Doing it while standing atop the SEATTLE SPACE NEEDLE! BEAT THAT!

“Downfall” is set to air sometime during the summer. I hope you have an oxygen tank handy when you’re viewing it. DON’T LOOK DOWN.

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