Aflac Finds a New Duck

Aflac has finally found someone to fill the squawking shoes of Gilbert Gottfried.

A few weeks after the comedian was fired as the voice of the mascot - which famously quacks "Aflac" in the squinty-eyed Gottfried's recognizable tenor - because of a series of insensitive tweets following the disasters in Japan, the insurance company set about on a search for a replacement voice.

It came in the form of Dan McKeague, a 36 year-old sales manager and father of three from Minnesota. Although he is not a professional, McKeague does have some voice acting experience.

McKeague recorded his audition squawk and uploaded it to Aflac's website by way of audition. He beat out some 12,000 other hopefuls.

Aflac execs formally offered McKeague the job via conference call, which CBS News has video of (embedding has been disabled, but you can watch it HERE).

Reportedly, the gig comes with a one-year contract in the low six figures.

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