Wylie Wildlife Rescue Part of Effort to Re-Home Nearly 500 Exotic Animals

For 25 years, Wylie's In-Sync Exotics Wildlife Rescue and Educational Center has been providing homes for large cats in need of a safe place to go.

"We take in abused, neglected exotic cats… pets that people bought when they were younger who can't and don't want them anymore, failed facilities that can't take care of them anymore," said President and Founder Vicky Keahey.

So when the call came last month that California's Wildlife Waystation was closing it's door's, Keahey hit the road.

She came back with two leopards and two cougars. And though she didn't have room for all of the 470 plus animals in need of a new home, she and her team did what they could to help.

Over two trips, they logged more than 130 hours of driving getting 17 cats moved to three other sanctuaries around the country.

Soon, she'll head back for one more to make sure all of Waystation's cats have been moved.

"We can only take so many. You know? We are like full up to the brim. We can't take anymore. So being able to transport cats from one place to another facility, it's like we still get to help," said Keahey.

Tigers in America, a non-profit based in New York, helped organize the placements after the California Department of Fish and Wildlife contacted several animal welfare organizations for help.

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