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Scary Movie? What ‘Year in Review' Reveals About 2016

Facebook compiled a list of the top 10 global live videos of the year

If you're feeling nostalgic, and maybe a bit brave, Facebook is ready to shed light on your most memorable posts of 2016, and remind you of the biggest stories of the year.

The social media hub is continuing its traditional "Year in Review" video for 2016, compiling all your likes, check-ins and new friends into roughly one minute's worth of video.

Now, some online are suggesting that the feature may be the scariest movie of the year, but you might see it and realize the year wasn't all that bad.

The data miners at Facebook HQ have also been busy tracking the "most talked about global topics" of 2016. The U.S. presidential election ranks at the top of the list; legendary boxer Muhammad Ali's rounded out the 10.

North Texas Shows Support for Police

And for the first time, Facebook compiled a list of the top 10 global live videos of the year. And it's not all light-hearted.

  1. Candace Payne: Chewbacca Mom
  2. Ted Yoder: Soundscapes
  3. Buzzfeed: Countdown to the next presidential election
  4. Atlanta Buzz: People lining up to hug police officers in Dallas
  5. NBC News: Election results
  6. Under the Hood: Video of a truck completely carved out of wood
  7. Viral Thread: Population count from US to CA
  8. CNN: Election Results on Empire State building
  9. Dena Blizzard: "Pokemon Go" for moms: "Chardonnay Go"
  10. Super Deluxe: Election map

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