What is “Cobblestone Ice?”

You've heard NBC 5 reporters, weather experts and traffic Tweets use the term -- but what is this "cobblestone ice" plaguing North Texas roads?

Ryan LaFontaine with the Texas Department of Transportation said cobblestone ice is a combination of ice and sand laid down by TxDOT and city trucks.

Traffic compresses the mixture to form a cobblestone-type surface with a thick layer of frozen ruts and potholes.

The rough service does allow cars and trucks to move over icy roadways, but not without some significant bumps to drivers. The surface tests even the most well-tuned suspensions and could cause damage to vehicles with low clearances.

The solution to the cobblestone conundrum? Scrape it off.

TxDOT said a task force of crews using graders with heavy blades chipped away 70 percent of the so-called cobblestone ice by Monday evening.

Patches of the ice formation were still around Tuesday morning on some highways.

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