Watch Out For Jury Duty Scam, Denton Police Say

A scam caller is posing as an officer of the Denton County Sheriff's Office

NBC 5 News

A scam caller pretending to be a Denton County sheriff is asking people to pay for failing to appear for jury duty, the Denton Police Department said.

Denton police said they received several reports regarding the scam. Denton authorities will not call people regarding missed jury service, police said.

In the call, the suspected scammer, who calls himself "Officer Taylor" or "Lieutenant Rodriguez," claims the Denton County courts issued a warrant for failing to appear for jury duty and tells the person receiving the call to either surrender to police or pay $1800.

Then, the recipient of the call is told to purchase MoneyPaks, a "secured fund" card, and instructed to tell the caller the numbers off the card and mail the card to the Denton County Jury Service for a refund, police said.

Police also said Denton authorities will never call regarding a warrant for arrest or ask for payment via gift cards.

Anybody with questions regarding jury duty can call the Denton County Jury Services directly at 940-349-2230.

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