Would You Play 168 Hours Of Video Games?

Speed Gamers marathon raises 40k for autism

Video gamers from around the world are logged on to the Internet Friday watching a group of North Texans play their way through 168 straight hours of games. 

The Speed Gamers started streaming their marathon gaming sessions on the Internet a little over a year ago.  People chat about the gaming and listen to the gamers as they're actually playing.

But it's not all fun and games. The Speed Gamers raise money for different charities. This week, people have donated more than $40,000 for ACT Today, a group that benefits people with autism. 

"Our goal for this marathon was $20,000. I thought there was a good chance we could get there, but I never thought $40,000. But, it all just fell together really well," says Britt Lariviere, founder, the Speed Gamers.

Since their inception, the Speed Gamers have raised over $70,000 for charity.

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