Vickery Meadow's Festival of Lights Aims to Serve Dallas Neighborhood

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A shining festival of lights was held in Dallas’ Vickery Meadow neighborhood Tuesday night.

Organizers aimed to meet the needs of some families that might not otherwise receive gifts this holiday season. The festival is put on by the Vickery Meadow Youth Development Fund. The organization brings together nonprofits to hand out toys, books, food and other basic necessities.

Katie Irwin is with HHM Health, a health center located in the neighborhood to serve its large refugee and immigrant population. He said the festival is as much about meeting peoples’ needs as it is about entertainment and fun.

“Sometimes these families come, and they have no connections, very little resources and they’re having to build everything from scratch,” said Irwin.

Organizers said they want people to leave here feeling valued, celebrated, and welcomed. The Vickery Meadow neighborhood has a roughly 15% poverty rate: higher than the national average of 12%.

The Youth Development Fund plans to expand its programs in the area by February 2023.

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