Veterans, Relatives Angry With Online Flag Company

Veterans across the country aren't too happy with an online company that claims to support men and women in service. Dozens of consumers said they never received their orders and want their money back.

In less than a year, Cassandra Clark will exchange vows with the love of her life – Mark.

"He's a really good guy. He's really dedicated, loves what he does and loves his Marines," she said.

Her fiance recently assumed a new position with the Marine Corps, now serving as a staff sergeant.

To celebrate his promotion, and his birthday, Clark started browsing The Rustic Flag Company's website, which has sold more than 65,000 flags and employs veterans and their families.

"You're supporting a good cause. You're getting this amazing flag and it was handmade by veterans. I thought why not," said Clark.

She found the perfect flag on the company's site.

Clark said they were running a Memorial Day special of 60 percent off, so she ended up paying $139.

According to the Rustic Flag Company's website, the artwork could take 12 to 16 weeks to arrive.

So, Clark was expecting the piece by mid-August.

She said the company had been sending regular updates on her order. But as they got closer to the delivery date, she said communication stopped.

"So, I call and then the line all of a sudden doesn't work. The phone is disconnected," Clark explained.

She went online to find another number for the company, and that's when she came across other people looking for their orders, too.

The Rustic Flag Company has received an F rating with the BBB with 296 complaints in the last three years.

The company has since changed its Facebook name to "RFC Tactical Sports."

"I remembered Samantha and their whole team and I thought, 'If they are not going to respond to me then maybe they'll respond to a news channel,'" Clark said.

And the company did respond.

The Rustic Flag Company told NBC 5 Responds after expanding, adding machinery, building a larger facility and working overtime for the last two years, they have run out of capital.

As a result, they are unable to produce pieces of artwork at this time:

"My wife and I have put everything we have into this company and are now completely broke ourselves. We still have a small group of individuals producing flags daily, but we can only work so fast on a limited budget."

The company has since added this disclaimer to its website's homepage: "We are currently not accepting any new orders until we have fulfilled all outstanding orders. We will reopen upon completion."

But Clark has waited nearly seven months for the flag she ordered, so she just wants her money back.

After NBC 5 Responds got involved, Clark received a full refund of $139.

She said she's disappointed in the company, but thankful she called NBC 5 Responds to get her back.

"I'm very lucky to have a team like you guys," said Clark.

She's now looking for a special Christmas gift for her fiance.

Clark said she is hoping to find another company that not only supports veterans, but also actually fulfills orders in a timely manner.

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