15-Year-Old Boy Hit by Car While Walking to Arlington Martin High School

A 15-year-old student at James Martin High School in Arlington was hit by a car Wednesday morning as he walked to school, police say.

The driver, Alberto Ledesma, did stop to help, but was later arrested for driving on a suspended license.

"The driver stopped, got out to check on the victim and waved down someone to call 911,” said Arlington Police Sgt. Kevin Brown. “He stayed with the victim like you're supposed to, like you're required to by law."

Fellow classmates told NBC 5 the student is a freshman. He lives in the neighborhood right behind where the collision happened and he is now at Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas, fighting some very serious injuries.

On Thursday, Arlington police public information officer Steven Bartolotta said the teen is stable condition after undergoing surgery.

The crash scene was a sobering sight just a mile from Martin High School, where students walk to class and back, rarely thinking of what could happen.

"I walked to school every day for four years and I always felt like I was safe going through the crosswalk," said neighbor and recent Martin graduate Megan Bates.

Police believe the 15-year-old victim was walking through a crosswalk at Park Springs Boulevard and West Pleasant Ridge Road when Ledesma drove into him.

The damage to the car was clear, the front windshield was smashed. Police are still investigating what caused the crash and who had the right of way.

Meanwhile classmates are looking twice and thinking harder about the daily walk that brings them home to their families.

"It's just going to make me be more aware and maybe not be on my phone while I'm walking, because you never know what will happen," said Martin HS Junior Zander Green.

Police said Ledesma had some unpaid tickets. He is being held at the Arlington City Jail where he has been cooperative with police in the investigation. At this time, Ledesma faces no new charges, police said.

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