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UT Dallas Custodian in Running for National Award

Bron Clayton says custodians are putting others first to keep spaces disinfected during the COVID-19 crisis

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They are the unsung heroes of the pandemic -- the custodians who work tirelessly to keep our hospitals, offices and stores disinfected as society continues to move forward.

A huge award is honoring them right now.

Bron Clayton, a custodian at the University of Texas at Dallas has been named a top 10 finalist in the entire country for the Custodian of the Year contest by the CINTAS corporation.

He’s worked at UT Dallas for 31 years, helping to launch recycling programs and ESL classes for his custodian team.

Bron Clayton

He also did something really special this year in advance of the COVID-19 crisis. He was able to secure 50,000 bottles of hand sanitizer for all students, to make sure they were prepared before the pandemic escalated.

"This award is not just me. It's the whole custodial team at UT Dallas," said Clayton.

He and his crew are still on the clock since faculty and some staff continue to work in UTD’s research labs.

"In my department, we stress teamwork. Everyone is a team. We're doing a fantastic job taking care of the entire campus' needs at the moment," said Clayton. "We're a tight knit bunch. We're motivated by the things we need to do on campus."

He says it’s important to recognize custodians on the frontlines around the world.

“All of the custodians out there in the country, we have the same purpose,” he said. “We are right in the forefront of cleaning everything. It may be a job that other people are afraid to do. But my crew are inspired to take the ball and run.”

If he wins the contest, Bron will receive a $10,000 cash prize along with $25,000 worth of training and custodial products for his campus, which will no doubt come in handy for UTD when students come back.

To cast a vote for Bron in the contest, click here.

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