USFL Returning to Texas in Spring 2014

Could the Houston Gamblers or San Antonio Gunslingers be returning to the gridiron?

The United States Football League said Monday they have signed an agreement with a real estate development company to build multiple commercial developments throughout the US with the centerpiece of those developments to be a stadium that will host a USFL team.

"Each development will contain a USFL football stadium, a sports and entertainment complex and residential and retail space," the league said in a statement Monday.

The USFL said they expect the projects to be complete before the inaugural season in the spring of 2014 and that they have secured the first five of those markets in Southern California, Texas, Louisiana and Alabama.

While the return of the Gamblers isn't likely due to the USFL not seeking franchises in cities with current NFL teams, their is a chance San Antonio may host a team -- or maybe Austin.

"It is still the USFL's goal to secure eight teams for our launch in 2014, and we feel that with a mixture of joint-ventured teams and other ownership groups we will achieve our goal," said Jaime Cuadra, the USFL's President and CEO. "Due to the delicate nature of the development process, we will wait to disclose the specific cities until a later date."

The USFL initially operated from 1983-87. The new USFL plans to field eight teams nationwide that will play a 14-game season, including a four-team playoff tournament.  They also plan to adopt all playing rules of the National Football League.

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