Update: Rescue Dog Roxie Finds Home And Happiness

As NBC 5 wrapped up its live coverage of the 2016 Clear the Shelters event, the Irving Animal Shelter had only one dog left inside its cages: Roxie.

She’s a sweet, yet skinny, older dog with Heartworms. “Roxie is still here, and we’re not going to give up on Roxie,” said Brian Curtis, NBC 5 anchor and host of NBC 5’s live Clear the Shelters’ coverage.

When the shelter in Irving closed that afternoon, Roxie was the only dog left and her picture started spreading on social media.

Frank Paglia saw her on Facebook. “It was just something about that face,” Paglia said.

When the shelter opened again the following week, Paglia adopted Roxie and took her to meet his son. “He was just excited, you know, he was just so happy that we rescued a dog . . . and you can see her face, she’s kind of like loving it!” Paglia said.

Roxie was a perfect fit from the start. “She follows me, even at the house it’s the same way, she’s always following me around.”

Roxie is there for him, and it’s appreciated as Frank is still dealing with the loss of his two older Labradors.

“We were able to save her, and then in turn she’s actually saving us now because we have someone there for us with the loss of our other two dogs,” Paglia said.

The shelter staff and volunteers who took care of Roxie were relieved to see her in person for the first time since her adoption. “She looks really good now!” said Kaylee, one of the shelter’s volunteers.

Roxie has been treated for Heartworms, gained some weight, and now appears happy and healthy,

The 2017 Clear the Shelters event is already scheduled for August 19th.

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