Trophy Club Town Center Soon To Break Ground

After years of opposition and delay, Trophy Club Town Center will start to take shape this spring.

“It’s a booming area, people continue to move here,” said Trophy Club Mayor Nick Sanders.

The final plan for the mixed used development at Highway 114 and Trophy Club Drive includes 250 luxury apartments, 39 town-homes, and a 137 room Aloft Hotel.

“These are luxury uptown, like in Dallas Uptown in downtown Dallas type of apartments,” said developer Scott Beck, “so you’ve got multiple levels of apartments on top of a parking garage”.

For years, Beck and residents fought over the number of multi-family units allowed on the 26 acre site.

“Part of it was we have some apartments in town and they tend to be a little bit run down, so people looked at it as we’re going to get more run down apartments, people won’t take care of them,” said Mayor Sanders.

Now there is a demand for apartments in the area.

Trophy Club Town Center is nestled in the middle of what’s becoming a new financial hub in North Texas, with Charles Schwab and TD Ameritrade moving in across from the Fidelity Campus in Westlake.

“I’ve met with both Charles Schwab representatives and TD Ameritrade people, and they’ve got a younger employee base and those people don’t necessarily want a home or a yard, they want convenience,” said Mayor Sanders.

The new development, designed with an urban feel, will also feature retail, entertainment and restaurants. You can view renderings of the new development by clicking here.

“It’s certainly smaller than a Legacy West,” said Beck, “but certainly we are going to have the different activities that are like a Legacy West, it’s not just a standard strip center”.

Trophy Club Town Center is expected to be finished in 2020.

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