Tricks Your iPhone Can Do You May Not Know About

Many of us have a hard time going anywhere without our smartphones. But your smartphone may have a few little secret gems inside that you may not know about.

iPhone Features:

  • Live Photos -- Capture photos that come alive when you touch them. Then you can pick a different key photo, add a fun effect, edit your Live Photo, and share with your family and friends. All from your iPhone 6s and later.
    • Simply open your camera, click on the circle on the top right hand and that will activate live photo.
  • Record your screen -- If you need to show someone how to do something, you can now record your iPhone screen and then send them the video so they can follow along. It's helpful when someone asks you how to do something on the iPhone 8. You can record with audio or without depending on what you want to do.
    • Open Control Center -- Tap on the record icon -> Choose microphone on or off and then tap on start recording.
  • Record 4k 60FPS Videos -- This means you end up with a better video file for editing later or for showing fast motion like a race car or a kid sprinting past during soccer, football or track.
    • Go to settings, scroll down to “camera”; Look for “record video 1080 at 30 fps” and tap; then click 4k at 60 fps. Remember to go back to the original settings after recording your video.
    • The downside is that this will take up a lot of storage if you use it all the time, so keep that in mind when you turn it on.
  • Photo search -- helps finds pictures without scrolling through your entire library of pictures.
    • Click on your photos app.
    • Click on the magnifying icon next to the edit button in the top right of the screen.
    • Type what you are looking for (Christmas, dog, cat, food, train, cars) and all images that you search for should appear.
  • Calculator backspace -- helps correct errors when using calculator.
    • Open calculator and type a number with several digits.
    • Then swipe left or right across the numbers and the last digit will be erased.
  • Scientific Calculator mode:
    • Open the calculator.
    • Then turn the phone horizontally and the scientific calculator buttons should appear.
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