Amarillo Police Dog Killed During Trianing Exercise

A Texas police dog has died after running into a tree during a training exercise.

Amarillo police on Monday announced the death of the 5-year-old Dutch Shepherd named Bruno.

A police statement says the accident happened Sunday morning. Bruno was running to retrieve a training aid used as a reward when he ran into a tree. The dog died at the scene.

A veterinarian said the 85-pound dog had external injuries, indicating the animal likely broke his neck on impact.

Bruno had worked with Cpl. Kaleb McCarrell for two years and lived with the officer.

The Amarillo Police Department has three patrol and narcotics detection canines, two Belgian Malinois and a Dutch Shepherd, in service. The Department also has a Labrador that is an explosives detection dog, the department wrote in a statement.

The department's canine unit will arrange for the dog's burial.

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