Top Sheet or No Top Sheet? The Debate is on

Viral tweet has fueled a social media debate on a question many had not previously considered to be contentious

It is the debate that has fueled social media furor for the past few days – top sheet or no top sheet?

For those who do not know, a top sheet is the flat sheet that goes between you and your comforter.

The conversation seems to have originated from a tweet by a young woman named Jesse Lynn Harte:[[478379613,C]]

Harte’s tweet has been retweeted more than 20,000 times and favorite more than 71,000 times.

It has also set off a fierce debate that has caused people to take sides on an issue that they may have never considered to be contentious before.

Commenters on an NBC DFW Facebook post on the subject weighed in with several opinions.

“Savages,” wrote Joel Catlett, in reference to those who sleep without a top sheet.

“I’m definitely not a millennial but I ditched the top sheet as a kid. Lol,” noted Lekita McMillan.

“My kids do this! Yuck! You can’t wash the comforter every week,” Jeri Bailey wrote.

The TODAY Show, London’s Daily Mail and the USA Today all weighed in with coverage of the conversation, including the following Pros and Cons list for top sheets:


1. A flat sheet helps with temperature control.

2. The sheet keeps a duvet clean longer.


1. The sheet gets bunched up at night.

2. It adds extra work.

At Casa di Lino, a high-end linens store along Oak Lawn Avenue in Dallas, there is a difference of opinion about proper procedure just south of the pillows even among the staffers.

“I like without a top sheet because it gets tangled. I get tangled up in it sometimes,” said Jessica Martin. “Then then, also, it is cooler. The top sheet really does add more warmth.”

“I feel almost the opposite,” said Lisa Frederick. “I can pull back the duvet and just have the sheet on me and sleep more comfortably.”

Regardless of who is ditching the top sheet in the United States, Jessica Martin emphasized that this has long been the practice for many people in Europe, including several high-end hotels.

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