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Top 5 Tips for a Last-Minute Valentine's Day

If you're waking up realizing it's Valentine's Day and you have absolutely nothing for your significant other — don't panic.

I found plenty of last minute Valentine's Day gifts that will make your honey smile without breaking the bank.

Here are some things you can get your valentine before the day is over:

Flowers and a teddy bear from Walgreens

For under $30, you can pick out a cuddly stuffed animal and a nice arrangement of flowers that could put a smile on your loved one's face. Most florists will be backed up with orders, but stores across North Texas will have bouquets ready to go at affordable prices.

And if you're lucky, the bear will be included with the arrangement.

Chocolate covered strawberries

If your sweetheart is like me, she'll love this gift. Chocolate covered strawberries from Eatzi's make for a really tasty, romantic treat. You can also try your hand at making them yourself. They're pretty easy; all you need are chocolate, strawberries and a freezer.

Nothing sets the Valentine's Day mood like candles and rose petals. So if your lady or fellow is coming in from a long day at work — these items are reasonably priced at Target. You can set candles around the house and lay rose petals alongside the flame. Very romantic!

Romantic movies

A few of my favorites: "The Notebook," and "Titanic." I've seen both of these probably more than ten times, and I cry every time. Your valentine will feel warm and fuzzy after watching these films.

Valentine's Day Dinner

You can't end the night on an empty stomach. You need dinner!

If reservations are booked solid and you're not the best chef, try getting a delivery order from your favorite restaurant. If they aren't offering deliveries, try ordering on the Favor or Ubereats apps.

Get the kids involved

Let's say you weren't able to get a babysitter because you simply forgot it was Valentine's Day. Incorporating the kids in the celebration can be really sweet and heart warming.

You can get construction paper and markers and have the kids make cards for mommy and daddy. Then get them their own DVD to keep them busy until their bedtime.

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