Tony Romo Creates Instagram Account, First Video Delights Social Media

Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo opened an Instagram account Thursday, much to the delight of social media.

Romo's first post is a video of his sons, Hawkins and River, playing football in their yard. As of Friday morning, it already has more than 175,000 views. [[415324723,C]]

The 4-year-old Hawkins is playing quarterback while his 2-year-old brother Rivers is the wide receiver.

After some confusion before the snap — Hawkins "forgot what to say" to start the play — and some trouble with Rivers' route, "Hawk" fired a pass into his brother's chest...much to Rivers' chagrin.

"I did a really good throw," Hawkins said as his brother cried.

Romo seemed torn between congratulating one son on a good pass and consoling the other who was crying.

Twitter was abuzz Friday morning with people reacting to Romo's first video.

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