Thieves Damage Dallas CVS in Attempted ATM Theft

Thieves once again tried to rip an ATM out of a Dallas business. [[318869301,C]]

The latest business to be damaged in connection with the attempted theft was the CVS Pharmacy on Marsh Lane and Walnut Hill in Dallas.

Would-be thieves knocked in the front doors, but were unable to budge the cash machine. The thieves eventually gave up and drove away in a stolen white van.

This particular CVS location was hit once before and the thieves were just as unsuccessful this time as they were the last time. However, of the 57 reported attempted ATM thefts in Dallas this year, 25 have been successful.

Due to the surge in ATM theft attempts, Dallas police are recommending businesses move ATMs away from the front doors and to upgrade lighting and surveillance systems.

NBC 5's Chris Van Horne contributed to this report.

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