The Postman Who Paints

Athletes become fans of self-taught artist

Rob Jackson is a father, Air Force veteran and mail carrier who is happy to have a job so that he can provide for his family. While his job pays the bills, his passion involves a paint brush. 

During his free time, Jackson, 32, loves to watch football and paint about the game he embraces. Jackson taught himself to draw and paint as a child and now, in about 15 hours time, he can take an image of Demarcus Ware in action and transform it into something you might see in an art gallery.

Right now his focus is on family, but his dream is to drop the mail bag and permanently pick up the paint brush.
Jackson said he would like to pursue his craft on a full-time basis, but is having a hard time getting noticed.

He currently charges between $800 and $6,000 for his artwork and one day hopes to become the painter to the Dallas Cowboys -- his main source of inspiration.

Until his big break, Jackson will continue to produce his artwork from his home, doing everything he can to make his art a name brand.

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