The Cowboys Officially Move to ‘The Star'

The Dallas Cowboys called Valley Ranch home for over 30 years, but no more. 'The Star,' also known as the approximately $1.5 billion facility in Frisco, is now officially open and in-use by the Cowboys' front-office.

The team begins training camp out in California next week, but when they return The Ford Center at The Star will be fully operational. The 91-acre mega-center is "Jerry's World" 2.0 (the nickname of AT&T Stadium), in many respects. It will be the home the Cowboys' new Hall of Fame and an indoor field that some local high schools will use as well. It also has an Omni Hotel and mini-fields for position coaches.

In typical Jerry Jones-fashion, you will have to see it to believe it.   

Now that the Cowboys have moved ,business is booming in Frisco. The new headquarters is a state-of-the-art facility that should have Cowboys fans, players and front-office personnel ecstatic for things to come. One local business is already seeing the benefits.

"Just the recent past week, our nights have been two or three times busier. Our sales have so far probably jumped 10-15 percent probably. We always have a really good lunch crowd, I'm just, I'm noticing it more at nighttime," said Charles Long, manager at nearby sandwich shop Texadelphia.

The official kickoff celebration at The Star will happen in late August.

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