The Cowboys Have a Good Pipeline of Scouts

073016 Cowboys helmet Oxnard
Noah Bullard, NBC 5 News

Jerry Jones gets all the credit for the players with whom the Dallas Cowboys have been stocking their club. The organization is all on board with it. Jones is made to look like a “football guy,” but you don’t see him out on the road scouting players.

When I cover college games during the regular season or bowl games I have never seen Jones on the sideline or the press box looking for the next draft picks or free agents the Cowboys will bring in. Sure, he goes to the Senior Bowl and the NFL Combine but Jones has men behind the scenes who do a darn good job.

Will McClay is the Cowboys' senior director of college/pro personnel. He oversees the Cowboys draft and plays a huge part in bringing free agents. Will is star.

Another name Cowboys fans need to know is national scout Drew Fabianich. He’s been with the club since 2003. calls him an unsung hero as to why the Cowboys are 7-1.  They wrote:

Looking for an unsung hero for the Dallas Cowboys' rise? Drew Fabianich, their national scout, has a major role in setting the draft board and cross checking regional scouts and the Cowboys have been on a roll selecting players in recent years. That's not an organization that spreads the accolades around -- and frankly they'd be pretty happy for you to believe that Jerry Jones is picking the players -- but they have a lot of good football men there who have played a big role in the rise of this franchise.

The Cowboys have been absolutely crushing it when it comes to first round draft picks since 2010, and I will include 2012's first-rounder Mo Claiborne. He hasn't bee the Pro Bowl player they hoped but he has not been a bust.

Fabianich has been a part of the collection of good talent that has the Cowboys tied with the Patriots at 7-1 for the best record in the NFL at the midpoint of the season.

Back in January, McClay was pursued by the Detroit Lions for their open general manager opening but stayed in Dallas. Soon, teams will take a look at Fabianich because they will want to replicate the formula the Cowboys have been using to built their own club.

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