The City Attorney Who Helped Keep Dallas From Going Broke Announces Resignation, Hints at Mayoral Run

Casto was hired as the city attorney in September 2016

The lawyer who repeatedly helped save Dallas from billions in liabilities — and a potential bankruptcy — will not see his 2-year anniversary as city attorney.

Larry Casto on Wednesday told the Dallas City Council in a letter that he will resign at month's end and will "focus on the next chapter of my career." In that letter, he strongly hints that he intends to run for mayor, referring to his creation of a "top-to-bottom blueprint that will challenge our entire community."

"There is no place I would rather have spent my career," wrote Casto, the city's former longtime chief lobbyist, in his two-page letter. "I have learned that Dallas is capable of greatness and that it is also capable of weathering any storm and coming out stronger on the other side."

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Dallas City Councilmember Scott Griggs tweeted a copy of Casto's full letter to the council.

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