‘Cake Boss' Announces Opening Date of Dallas Location

Word got out last week that Carlo's Bakery, the shop where the popular TLC series Cake Boss is filmed, was ready to set up shop in Dallas.

"The city is so filled with charm and warm hospitality, it really is the perfect fit for Carlo's Bakery," baker and chef Buddy Valastro said in a news release.

NBC 5 confirmed it with a visit to Preston Center, where workers are busy transforming a former La Madeline into Carlo's Bake Shop. An interview with Valastro's right hand man gave us more insight into the decision to open the chain's 13th store on Preston Road at the intersection of Berkshire Lane.

"We can't wait to get there," Mauro Castano said. "We want to show everybody what we can do. We want to give everybody a little taste of what it feels like to be Italian-American from the New York area."

Castano talked to NBC5 from the company's office and first bakery in Hoboken, New Jersey. Castano said visitors from Dallas frequently stop in, so the decision to come to Texas, and specifically Dallas, was easy.

"We're expanding our brand," he said. "Everybody knows us now. It's crazy. Texas was one of the first places we said we gotta look in to."

"We think that Preston Center is going to be a super hit," he said. "Those people down there know good stuff. And we make good stuff so it's a perfect fit."

Castano has been to Dallas three times recently and quickly discovered what Italians and Texans have in common.

"You guys have the the values we have as Italian Americans, and, everybody does, but especially Italian Americans," he said. "You guys like family. It's like that's the number one thing. Family. Even though y'all don't get along like we don't get along, you're still family. Your brother is your brother. Your cousin is your cousin."

Castano was also struck by the friendliness he saw and felt on his visits. "You walk down the street and say 'Good Morning. Good Morning.'"

Castano said the Dallas store will be set up just like the original bakery in Hoboken with the same menu, the same cakes. Some components will come from New Jersey with fresh ingredients supplied locally.

"They're gonna be using our recipes," he said. "The lobster tails are gonna be exactly the same as if you came up here. It's exactly how it's gonna be done down there."

One of the managers at the bakery in Orlando will transfer to Dallas to run the store, and return to her home state to be closer to family.

"She knows. She's been with us for a few years. She knows how we want it," Castano said. "There's the right way, a wrong way and our way of doing things. And we want things down our way 'cuz that's what made us successful."

Castano announced Monday morning that Carlo's Bake Shop will open at 8319 Preston Road March 19.

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