‘Racism is Real': Video Shows Forney Boy at Black Family's Door Cracking Whip

The incident happened last week in Forney and ended with the boy's father, Bryan Thomas Brunson, being arrested after his gun allegedly discharged by accident during an argument with Dezerrea Nash

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Video of a 9-year-old boy knocking on the front door and cracking a whip on the front porch of a Black family's Kaufman County home is making the rounds on social media.

Footage from Carissa and Dezerrea Nash's doorbell camera shows the boy, who is white, walking up and pounding on the front door three times. The child can then be seen cracking the whip twice and standing back waiting for someone to open the door. According to the couple, the boy was searching for their 9-year-old daughter.

Carissa answered the door and can be heard saying, "Little boy, you better get your a-- from off my porch, beating on my door like this. I will call the police. You need to leave. Don't you ever beat on my God---- door like that. Go!" The boy then turned around and walked away.

"Thankfully I work at home, and she didn't open the door, because I honestly and truly think that he thought that she was home by herself," Carissa Nash explained.

The incident happened last week in Forney and ended with the boy's father, Bryan Thomas Brunson, being arrested after his gun was allegedly discharged by accident during an argument with Dezerrea Nash.

The Nashes said they posted videos of both the Ring camera footage and cellphone recording of the argument so that the public can see that "racism is real."

"We want to get this out there to let people know, 'Hey this stuff is still real.' You've just seen what happened in Buffalo, New York," Dezerrea Nash told NBC DFW. "This can escalate very quickly. So we want to avoid that and get this story out there and let them know racism is real and we feel that it was definitely racially motivated."

According to the couple, the 9-year-old boy had also scratched Carissa's car and they called the police but were told by authorities that no charges could be filed because of the child's age.

An officer with the Kaufman County constable's office went to the boy's house and spoke to Brunson about the incident involving his son. The officer also told the Nashes they should speak to Brunson regarding the damaged car, suggesting they exchange insurance information.

Carissa Nash said when her husband got home two hours later, they went to Brunson's home to address the damage to their car. Brunson answered the door with a gun.

Cellphone video captured by Carissa shows Dezerrea talking to Brunson and asking him to look at the Ring video of what transpired at their home, but Brunson told them to leave his property. An argument ensued and Brunson reached for his gun, which can be heard going off.

Kaufman County Constable Jason Johnson said Brunson accidentally discharged the gun when he was picking it up from the floor.

"He had a child standing behind and when it went off it could have seriously injured that child or taken that child's life or somebody else's," said Johnson.

Brunson was arrested on a felony charge of deadly conduct for reckless discharge of a firearm. He has since bonded out of jail.

bryan brunson
Kaufman County Sheriff's Office
Bryan Brunson, booking photo.

NBC 5 tried reaching out to Brunson Sunday but did not get a response. The Kaufman County Sheriff's Office referred NBC 5's requests for comments on the case back to the constable's office.

The Nash family said they are upset with how the Kaufman County Constable's office initially handled their call following the whipping incident and said they will explore legal action against Brunson.

Johnson said Kaufman County Constables will step up patrols in the area.

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