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Tiger Cub and Bobcat Seized From Texas Home

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Authorities in Texas seized two wild animals from a San Antonio home Tuesday morning.

Bexar county deputies responded, after a neighbor called about a bobcat at the home.

Upon arrival, officials not only found a 5-year-old bobcat, but also a 13-week-old tiger cub.

Deputies say this is not the first tiger sighting in the area.

Sheriff Javier Salazar says deputies found a tiger roaming around last month and that the two cases are related.

The sheriff blames popular shows like "Tiger King" for a booming interest in exotic animals.

"When we first got there the bobcat had free run of the house. The lady told our special investigator that it was tamed and had nothing to worry about. You know I don't think she has a full understanding its a wild animal you're dealing with," Salazar said.

"Then as they were talking to her they saw a pair of paws sticking out from under the door and my special enforcement officer asked, 'what's that?' And she said, 'oh, that's a tiger' very matter of fact and so we seized both. You just can't do it," Salazar continued.

The cats are being cared for temporarily at the San Antonio Zoo.

Eventually, the animals will be taken to a wildlife sanctuary.

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