Proposed Bill Tackles Racism in Texas Schools, Provides Diversity Officer for Each District

James Talarico

A state representative from Round Rock wants all Texas school districts to hire diversity officers.

According to a report by KXAN, Representative James Talarico, District 52, said numbers from the Texas Education Agency show that more than 70% of all public school students are non-white.

Talarico, a former teacher, said that failing to recognize this diversity is a disservice to each child, and he filed a bill to change that, KXAN reported.

"We've got to get better as educators in learning how to better interact and support students who look different than us and who may come from a different background than we do, and that's what these positions can help us accomplish," Talarico said.

The proposed district officer would develop policies that proactively support cultures, talents, abilities, and languages of all varieties, ensuring student success and comfort within their school walls.

"This latest murder in Georgia is only the most recent in a string of hate crimes in our country," Talarico said. "From the Charleston shooting of African Americans in a church to the murder of Mexican Americans in a Walmart in the state of Texas." 

Talarico said he hopes instilling these virtues would prevent a future tragedy.

"Our public schools can be the first line of defense against radicalization for our young boys," Talarico said.

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