Police Lasso, Relocate Alligator Spotted in Neighborhood

Five Fulshear officers corral alligator back into a neighborhood pond

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A Houston suburb had to call for backup Wednesday when an alligator was spotted roaming around a neighborhood.

Fulshear Police Capt. Mike McCoy said the gator was nearly 8 feet long and possibly weighing as much as 700 pounds.

Five officers had to be called for backup in order to get the gator near a pond around the area.

McCoy used an animal control pole with a noose turned backward to guide the gator back toward the pond.

They continued by throwing a towel over the gator's head to try to calm the animal down.

“We throw a towel over the alligator’s face the eyes and it basically calms the alligator down. We’re able to sometimes get on top of the alligator and wrap its mouth up like again stay away from the sharp edges,” McCoy said.

The officers successfully brought the gator back to the pond -- where it is believed to still be living.

Read more on this report from the NBC affiliate in Houston here.

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