Texas is No. 1 Destination in America: U-Haul

Texas is the fastest growing state in population; adding more than 430,000 people between 2015 and 2016.

U-Haul said based on their truck rentals, Texas is number one in growth for 2016 — up from number 39 in 2015.

In North Texas the largest growth was seen in McKinney, Richardson and Dallas.

Dallas is now the 17th most popular final destination in the nation with Fort Worth at 24th, and Houston is number one.

A Fort Worth U-Haul location was able to give some local perspective. At that particular location, they see between 20 and 30 trucks returned here in an average weekend. They estimate that some of the larger centers will triple that number.

Most people tell them they are moving here for employment opportunities and they are coming from all over the country.

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