Texas Couples Share Love, Laughter and Advice

For NBC 5’s week-long series “Deep in the Heart,” we interviewed five couples about their relationships.

Each one talked about how they met and what they love about each other’s quirks.

They offered the below advice to other couples:

"You've got to love yourself before you can allow somebody to love you and before you can truly love someone else in return," Jerry Warwick said. Jerry and his wife, Kathy, teach dance lessons at their studio, The Rhythm Room, in Dallas. 

"If there were not her parents, [I] would not have her. I would not have my nice wife, so I have to respect her parents," James Tang said. James and his wife, Gwen, work together at their China Acupuncture Clinic in Arlington. 

"The core of our marriage is prayer and our spiritual connectivity. Through it all, there’s going to always be ups and downs in anything that you do, but most importantly, it’s important for us to be reminded that we have each other’s best interests at heart," Joe Gordon said. Joe is a football coach at Arlington High School.

"Good advice for young couples, especially when you have children, [spend] one week by yourselves every year, seven nights, no matter what you do get back to being you, said Angela Gordon, Joe’s wife. Angela is a financial adviser at Creating and Managing Wealth L.L.C. 

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