Texas Congressman Injured During Congressional Baseball Shooting: “If we would have been able to carry arms, it might've been a little different.”

Eugene Simpson Stadium in Virginia will reopen on Sunday June 17, four days after a man opened fire on the Republican congressional baseball team.

House Majority Whip Steve Scalise of Louisiana underwent surgery and his condition has been upgraded over the weekend from critical to serious.

The accused gunman James Hodgkinson was killed during a shootout with capitol police officers.

Meanwhile, a Texas Congressman who injured himself while diving for cover in the attack is back home tonight.

U.S. Rep. Roger Williams held a press conference on Saturday afternoon in Fort Worth.

The congressman walked into the room at the Fort Worth Club on crutches.

He’s not just relying on them in his recovery.

Williams is also leaning on his faith.

“I was glad to be back home and it's been real emotional for me,” he said becoming overwhelmed with emotion. ”I’m blessed and I’m so happy to be back in Texas.”

Williams hurt his foot when he dove for cover, falling six-feet into a dugout as the shots rang out.

His recovery will take about six weeks.

“You realize that life is short, you're not in control,” he said. “You can be at the wrong place wrong time."

His legislative aide, Zack Barth, was shot in the leg during the attack as the group of Republicans practiced

Williams said Barth, who is from Houston, is in good spirits and is spending time with his father.

As for the investigation into the shooting, Williams says it’s ongoing.

Officials reportedly briefed by the FBI on the investigation revealed that the gunman had a list of Williams’s fellow Republicans in his pocket at the time of the shooting.

“It shows he was an angry fella,” Williams said of the revelation. “And that he wanted to do some damage.”

Williams again praised the heroic efforts of law enforcement officers who shot the suspect and ended the attack.

“There are those who are going to talk about what’s wrong with America and how this could’ve been prevented and so on,” said Williams. “Those people are wrong. This showed everything that I think is right with America.”

When it comes to the ongoing and contentious debate on gun control, this Second Amendment supporter isn’t budging.

“He had rifles, he had guns, pistols. All we had were bats and balls,” he said. Frankly, if we would have been able to carry arms, it might've been a little different.”

Court records examined by NBC News show that the alleged gunman had a history of arrests and was charged in 2006 with assaulting his girlfriend. Police recovered a shotgun from Hodgkinson following that arrest.

More recently, police responded to a "shots fired" call in Hodgkinson's hometown in March of this year. Hodgkinson was found with a weapon in his possession and a valid Illinois firearms license. The police report indicates that he was advised not to fire his weapon in an area with homes nearby.

Williams plans to return to Washington on Tuesday to continue to work on legislation such as tax reform.

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