Dallas County Gun Ban is Illegal: Texas Attorney General

Dallas County adjusts signs to comply with Attorney General ruling

Dallas County commissioners decided to relocate signs banning guns in county building Thursday after a legal opinion from the Texas Attorney General said the signs were illegal.

The opinion was the result of a complaint filed by a citizen that the handgun ban at the North Dallas Government Center, located at 10056 Marsh Lane, went too far.

The ban prevented handguns from being carried, either concealed or carried openly, in any part of the building because a portion of the building houses both Truancy and Justice of the Peace courts.

According to AG Ken Paxton’s opinion, “a reviewing court would likely conclude the county abused its discretion by seeking to protect areas of the multiuse building that are clearly neither a government court nor offices essential to the court.”

Dallas County Commissioners considered challenging the ruling but decided instead to simply move the signs.

Now the same signs are posted at the entrance to the courtrooms and not the entrance to the entire building. 

Commissioner Mike Cantrell said the issue could be reviewed in the future if necessary.

Other county buildings were not included in the challenge. Signs in those places remain as they were Thursday.

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