Ted Nugent's Wife Arrested at Dallas-Fort Worth Airport

Shemane Nugent's attorney says she did not realize weapon was in her bag

The wife of Texas rock legend Ted Nugent was arrested at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport on Thursday.

In a statement, Shemane Nugent's attorney, David Finn, confirmed that his client was detained at the airport over possession of a firearm in a prohibited area.

Sources tell NBC 5 that Nugent was arrested as she passed through a Transportation Security Administration checkpoint. The firearm was found in a carry-on bag, according sources.

According to an incident report, Nugent told police she began carrying the handgun after receiving death threats.

She is licensed to carry a concealed weapon.

Her attorney said Nugent, 51, had worked late Wednesday night and left home at 6 a.m. Thursday to catch a flight and did not realize a weapon was in her bag.

"This was an honest mistake by a law-abiding lady, and I am confident that the prosecution and grand jury will realize that it was simply an honest mistake," Fin said. "Unfortunately, this happens to many people every single day at our airports."

Nugent was released from custody Thursday afternoon.

"Shemane is embarrassed and apologizes to the authorities and any passengers that were inconvenienced by her mistake," Finn said.

She has been married to Ted Nugent, an outspoken supporter of gun rights, since 1989.

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