SWAT Situation in Grand Prairie Neighborhood

Nearby schools not locked down

Grand Prairie SWAT has set up a perimeter around a residence near the intersection of Cober Drive and Acosta Street.

According to police, a woman called 911 just before 4 a.m. saying she had been involved in an argument with several people in the home and one of those people, armed with a rifle, chased her out of the house.

When officers arrived, police said the woman told them there may be up to 10 people inside the house and they may be armed.

Grand Prairie SWAT was then called to the scene. After several attempts to talk to the people inside the home, police said SWAT officers tossed a "throw phone" through a window and finally were able to talk to the occupants.

Police said three people then came out of the home and were taken into custody.

At 9:28 a.m. Grand Prairie SWAT went into the home, and determined no one else was inside.

Police said officers seized several rifles and drug evidence from inside the home.

Nearby Kennedy Middle School and Milam Elementary were not placed on lockdown, officials said.  The transportation department has been advised of the situation so that no school buses go through the area of police activity.

Police said they have been called to the house more than once in the past.

Detective Lyle Gensler with the Grand Prairie Police Department said he responded to the home  four or five months ago and recovered a firearm. He also said one of the people who lived there was a convicted felon. According to Texas law a convicted felon cannot be around a firearm.

One neighbor said police have been to the home about eight times since the beginning of this year.

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