Suspected ATM Robber Foggy on Details

Brandon Leribeus says after a weekend drug binge of methamphetamine and Xanex, he woke up in the Richardson jail facing two charges of aggravated robbery.

"I'm saying I don't remember that. I'm telling you I didn't do it," Leribeus said in a jailhouse interview with NBC DFW.

But Richardson police have a different story.

Detectives said a picture taken on Sunday at an ATM, just seconds before an armed robbery, looks like Leribeus. The next day, an NBC DFW news crew was on the scene covering that robbery when another ATM robbery was recorded on camera.

NBC DFW showed the 20-year-old suspect the ATM photo and asked Leribeus if it was him.

"It looks like me," Leribeus said, after staring at the photo for several seconds.

He's not the only one that thinks that.

Leribeus said his girlfriend called and said she saw his picture on the news regarding an ATM robbery. His parents also told him they saw the news stories. Leribeus told his family it wasn't him on TV.

"They got me on the news and all that, committing robberies and I was like, 'No I didn't,'" Leribeus insisted.

During the course of the interview, the Richardson resident said the idea that he'd rob someone two days in-a-row at the same ATM was stupid.

"If I committed the crime Sunday night, would you really think I would go back to the same ATM and do it again the next day? Does that make sense? That's insane, "Leribeus said. "I'm a college kid. If I was really going to do a robbery planned out, I would go hit up another bank or something, somewhere way, way from anywhere you know? You know where that bank is? Right across the street from where I live."

Leribeus said he has 24 credits at Richardson College and is working on a business degree. He also said his drug habit, that sometimes costs $2,000 a week, has ruined his life. He admitted that his binges often lead him to forget days at a time and that if he had the chance he'd never touch drugs again.

"If this was me, I want to apologize. I would never do that to somebody. Pull a gun on somebody at an ATM," Leribeus said.

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