Lexie Houghtaling

Why Is It So Cold on Airplanes? Study Answers

A recent study reveals the scientific evidence as to why it may be so chilly on airplanes.

According to a Business Insider article, a study by the American Society for Testing and Materials looked into the connection between people fainting while in the air and cabin pressure and temperature.

The study found that people tend to faint more easily while flying due to a medical condition called Hypoxia, where your body tissue suffers from a lack of oxygen. It’s a condition said to be common among airline passengers.

The study also found that high cabin pressure and warm temperatures can further trigger the condition. So to play it safe, the study suggests that airlines keep the temperatures cool to prevent people from fainting while flying in the air.

NBC 5 reached out to some airlines to see if this is how they regulate their cabin temperatures. A Southwest Airlines official released the following statement:

"While we don't have set guidelines for aircraft cabin temperatures, we aim to keep our cabin temperatures comfortable by gauging feedback from our Flight Attendants and Customers during each flight."

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