Fort Worth

Students Receive Drone License in New High School Class

Many schools offer aviation programs but at Fort Worth ISD's Dunbar High School they're taking things to a new level.

Day one in Mr. Magee's junior level aviation course wasn't exactly what these kids had in mind.

"First day of school I thought would be easy going... I would just get through my classes read some syllabus," said student Matthew Viera.

As soon as they get settled Magee got them up and out the door. This year Dunbar High's aviation program is teaching these students about more than the mechanics of flight, now they're studying the dynamics of drones.

"I'm planning on going into the military, I want to have that in mind, that way I'll have something right after for the future," said Viera.

The course teaches students everything from the basics of the machinery to reading navigation charts.

"Most people think I can go buy one and start flying," said teacher Darrell Magee.

Magee said the rules and regulations to flying drones are similar to what airline pilots learn, but with their certification these students can go to work.

Drones are now used for everything from inspecting radio towers to farming.

The school was able to offer this new program thanks to a grant and they will pay for all the testing the students need to get their license.

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