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Students Build Mobile STEM Lab to Teach Peers

STEM activities are part of the plan for students at Crowley Middle School, they brainstorm, design, and build.

Last school year, the district decided to see what these students could do with an old bus.

"It didn't have anything in here, it just had the seats," said student Myron Bard.

"We had to clean it up first, it was a dirty one," said student Eden Resendez.

The idea was to transform the bus into a mobile STEM lab that could bring science and engineering all across the district.

"Everything that goes in the bus was all the students," said teacher Aundre Walker.

"We worked on a 3D model and how we thought it would turn out and what we could do with it," Resendez said.

The planning and designing took place during the school year. The kids worked during the summer on the actual construction and now it's brightly decorated and they're stocking the bus with activities.

"When we came out the front door and seeing this bus made me feel joy, joyful," Bard said.

The bus will hit the road and visit various school, some of which may not have all the technology they can pack inside.

"We're going to do virtual reality we're also going to do storage in the back to make it like a science classroom," Walker said.

The learning that went into designing the bus creates a legacy for these students, but now that it's all done, they plan to keep working, volunteering to go along on its visits and help other students experience stem.

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