Denton County

Summer Storm Knocks Down Trees, Cuts Power in Highland Village

A fast-moving storm Wednesday night left a big mess for some folks in Highland Village.

High winds toppled trees and power lines, knocking out power to some customers until mid-morning Thursday.

Though little serious damage was reported, town officials estimate about three dozen trees fell in the storm.

Seth Voorhees
Storm damage in Highland Village, from June 20, 2018.

For some, that left a big mess.

“First we heard thunder, my dogs were barking. Then it got really windy and there was a whistling sound,” said Tricia Gilbert. “The I looked outside and half my tree was gone.”

Highland Village officials said Lower Sellmeyer Park is closed due to storm damage. Crews are working to remove trees and debris, and hope to re-open by Monday.

The city credits firefighters with working quickly through the night to clear downed trees from streets and roads.

The storm also dumped more than two inches of rain on southern parts of Denton County in under an hour.

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