Storm Damages Denton County Property

Friday night storm packed a punch in places, missed others

Possible downburst winds from a strong storm front are to blame for a barn being blown down Friday afternoon north of downtown Denton.

"It's a bit of a mess," said property owner Nancy Smith.

Wind peeled the tin roof right off of the barn, a home to four horses, four cats, several chickens and a flock of pea fowl, situated approximately 20 yards away from Smith's house.

In addition, one corner of the barn's supports gave out, causing the western wall to collapse to the ground.

"I was just very fortunate. I was worried that there were animals that were hurt. At first, that was my worry, but none were," Smith said.

There were no official reports of storm damage Friday night, according to Denton County Emergency Management. But the Smith family did not call 911, so it is possible other people may have suffered similar damage.

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