Spirit Travelers Say Airline Closed Check-In Early

Dozens of travelers say Spirit Airlines told them they could not board because they didn't arrive early enough.

About 50 people on at least four different flights said they were turned away at the ticket counter while trying to check in Friday night even though they were at Dallas Fort/Worth International Airport with plenty of time to spare.

"I was here an hour and 15 minutes early. How do you close a flight that early?" said Brad Ferguson, of Longview.

Airlines normally close down flights 45 minutes prior to departure, preventing anyone who hasn't checked in by then from boarding.

The affected travelers said they are upset about missing their flights.

"My husband's mother has cancer, terminal cancer, and we’re trying to go home for Mother's Day. She doesn't have very much time," said Be McNack, of Dallas.

"This is our first time to fly Spirit, and it's going to be our last time," said Angela Lopez, of Dallas. "They said this happens all the time; people always miss their flights, and you don't get a refund."

A supervisor with Spirit Airlines said there were no equipment problems or anything else that caused people to be turned away, saying that passengers need to check in 45 minutes prior to their flights.

The travelers said they hope to get on flights to their destinations over the weekend.

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