Southlake DPS Warns Children About Vaping in a Halloween Skit

The Southlake Department of Public Safety uses a haunted house to warn children about the dangers of vaping

The Southlake Department of Public Safety is warning children about the dangers of vaping in a festive way, just in time for Halloween.

"Some unsuspecting kids stumbled across our terrifying, horrifying, animatronic filled haunted house, and their lives may never be the same with what they saw!" Southlake DPS said in a tweet. The statement was accompanied by a video of two children entering what seems to be a haunted house.

In the video, a Southlake police officer asks the children if they are ready before they enter the house. Once the children are inside, three police officers emerge from behind a couch and sing a song about the dangers of vaping.

"It's Halloween and haven't you seen the streets aren't filled with ghouls," the officers sing while dancing like animatronic characters. "It's something, though, that's scarier. It's people vaping Juuls."

Southlake DPS explained in a second tweet that the department was paying homage to Saturday Night Live and the Merryville Brothers for the similar skits they have done. 

"But for reals, talk to your teens about vaping and regularly check their backpacks and ask lots of questions and monitor what they’re doing," the department said in a third tweet.

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