UFO Investigators: Sorry, It's Not a UFO

Mysterious lights in game-camera pics aren't out of this world

The odd lights hovering over the North Texas sky snapped by a motion-activated game camera weren't from outer space.

UFO investigators with the Mutual UFO Network say it was just a camera problem.

The photographs captured by the game camera in Archer City showed a series of lights hovering above the treeline, seemingly for hours. Lisa Brock-Piekarski, who set up the camera on her family's deer lease, didn't know what to think of them.

The pictures were sent to the folks at MUFON, but its chief investigator e-mailed to say the pics were nothing but a mechanical error.

"For some unknown reason, the camera shutter was remaining open, and the infrared strobe fired it would catch a bank of lights," said Fletcher L. Gray, Texas MUFON chief investigator. "The strobe has 14 LED-type bulbs across and with five bulbs vertical, with a total of 70 LED bulbs. If you look at the photo of the what was called a UFO, you will count 14 lights that matches the 14 bulbs in the camera."

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